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Did you know you can turn your passion into money for your ministry? My post called, 14 Reasons to Consider a “For-Profit” Status For Your Ministry, is by far the most popular post I have written.

There are so many people who feel passionate about an issue and want to do something about it. The question that everyone asks is, “If I don’t become a non-profit, how do I get the money to fund the causes that I’m passionate about?” The answer – Turn your passion into money and use your money for your ministry.

Non-profit or for-profit – people give to what they’re passionate about. You just need to have something that makes it worth giving or that’s worth purchasing.

When my church decided to help those devastated by Hurricane Harvey, people didn’t ask, “Do I get a tax deduction?” Instead, they jumped onboard, seeking opportunities to help. We filled up 2 – semi trailers with items and made a financial donation. The sight of people devastated pulled at our heart-strings and we became passionate about helping people in need. Our passion turned into their profit.

A ministry making a profit is the out-of-the-box approach need to fund your cause in the future. When you think of money it’s usually for reasons like, “I need to pay my bills, pay off my debt, take a vacation or buy a house.” Those are the normal reasons you try to make money, right? But what happens if you shift your focus to something like, “I want to send a teen to college.” I want to take care of a family devastated by a disaster and help them get back on their feet. I want to give more to my church or a worthwhile cause?”

Get it?

When you engage your creativity and passion for a cause, you’ll find money for your ministry and amazing things will happen.

Profit is – a financial advantage or benefit. The key is to find your passion, and seek creative ways to turn it into a profit. Then take the same passion and use the profit for the advantage and benefit others.

For me? I’m passionate about helping people use creativity to live a vibrant and purposeful life, overcoming obstacles and maximizing their potential in business, ministry, and money (MIB). I use my passion┬áto help people who follow Jesus Christ thrive in the marketplace and be an example in the culture. I own a financial planning business where I don’t just sell products, I educate people. I offer insurance presentations for people over 50, transitioning, and young adults who are just starting their financial journey. I also lead a small group of women in business and ministry to help them find creative ways to market, reach their goals, and fund their passion. Did I mention I also serve at a local church?

(Yes, I know that’s busy, but that’s what passion will do and it’s all good!)

By the way, I charge for all speaking engagements. I earn commission in my insurance and financial planning business. I also have 2 books being released in the next 8 months. That’s how I pay the bills and fuel these things that I’m passionate about.

What are you passionate about? Now activate your creativity and think of a service or product that compliments your area of passion. Determine a fair price, register on this blog to DIAL UP YOUR PASSION AND CREATIVITY.

For example, you work at a bank, but you’re passionate about helping women who are victims of domestic abuse. You can’t quit your day job, because you have bills. But your heart won’t let you stop thinking about your passion. Check with an organization that helps victims of domestic abuse and offer to help with creating budgets to help them with their finances. Check for financial literacy grants that pay for helping disadvantaged populations. There are many ways to find money for your ministry when you combine creative thinking with some crazy passion. Don’t forget – When you get paid, some of the money goes to your personal living expenses and some of it goes to money for your ministry!

When you get this, your giving is not limited by the 10%. Wow.

More tips to get you started:

  1. Pay down your debt so you can handle the transition and the time it takes to start making money.
  2. Join an organization with a mission that matches your passion.
  3. Sell a product and use a percentage for your passion.
  4. Write a book, devotional, etc. Use the proceeds for your cause.
  5. Become a coach, counselor, or speaker and work in the area that you care about.
  6. If you own a business and have extra office space, rent some space to make money for your ministry.
  7. Create a campaign that allows people to help with a particular need like buying school supplies for children of victims of abuse.
  8. Set higher financial goals for yourself. Then, go for it! Instead of spending the extra money to buy more stuff, use it to fund your ministry or cause.

The challenge for all of us is making the extra money and using it for our cause instead of spending it on ourselves. When God gets money to us, He also wants to get it through us.

Want to read more about using your creativity to live a vibrant and purposeful life, overcome obstacles and maximize your potential in business & ministry? Register on this page to Dial Up Your Passion & Creativity. You’ll be the first to receive a notification when my new books arrive. You can also grab one of the 100 spots available for our Spring Retreat. Did I mention free downloads?

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