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Are you wondering why you should pray for your coworkers?

Most of us spend more awake alert hours with people at work than at home with family members. You dress for success. You eat with them. You adjust to their culture and you generally give them your best. Spending that much time together working on the same goals, in a small space, trying to agree, coordinate, instruct, follow instructions and complete tasks, are just a few reasons why you should pray for your coworkers.

In every work environment, there is someone who is a challenge to get along with. Just like a family, you can’t just ignore people who are a part of the chain to get things done. It’s not easy for people from diverse backgrounds with various fears, goals, likes and dislikes, from different cultures and generations, to come together to make one mission a reality. That’s what our jobs and careers are asking us to do. Praying for your coworkers may seem mundane, but it’s the exact opposite. You can’t afford not to pray for your coworkers. Here are some ideas to help you manage those difficult coworkers.

When you pray for your coworkers, you bring God’s power to the scene, which overrides everything and everyone. You understand that it’s not just about you, but about what God is doing through you. You combine your diligence and commitment with His power and insight to create a level of success higher than you could ever accomplish on your own. Everyone around you is influenced by your prayers – your manager and those who you lead.

Pray for the coworkers that you love working with and pray for those that challenge you every day. Pray for the manager that you disagree with and for the person that agrees with everything you say. Pray for the woman in the mailroom, the security guard and the company’s bottom line. It all matters

Take the 7-Day Challenge

Pray for your coworkers every day for one week and see what happens. Then post a comment below. Even If you’ve never prayed before, give it a try. What can you lose?

Taking the challenge?

Here are some suggestions to help you make it a great week praying for your coworkers.

Don’t discriminate. Just look around the office and make a note of who you see. Pray for your coworkers who are managers, team members, office staff, volunteers, clerical staff, executive staff and anyone who plays a role throughout your day.

  1. Don’t be concerned about their beliefs, choices, how they treat you or what they do or don’t do. Your job is simply to pray (I’ll tell you how).
  2. Write down some of your tasks including problem areas. Whatever your company calls doing a good job, write that down.
  3. Prepare your heart by admitting that you need God’s help and fall far short of success without Him (the type of success that’s not just money, but love, peace, joy, God’s favor and more). Ask for forgiveness for anyone you have mistreated or any behavior that is wrong. (We all have done something for which we need to ask forgiveness.)

Now it’s time to pray for your coworkers. Apply these prayers to each person or issue you listed above.

  1. Pray for God to bless your coworkers (call their name). Bless their health, relationships, finances and family.
  2. Pray for God to give them peace, guidance and comfort. Ask for a deeper purpose for the work they do.
  3. Pray better communication and understanding.
  4. Pray for unity at work and favor with tasks and results.
  5. Pray for everyone (including yourself) to function free of jealousy, pride, envy and gossip.
  6. Pray for love, peace and joy to rule in your department. (Gal 5:22-23)
  7. Ask God to stay close to your coworkers, keep them safe and give them clarity and direction.
  8. Pray for God to help everyone with the specific issues that they face at work, at home and emotionally. Ask God to give you and your coworkers profitable strategies and ideas.
  9. Pray for the removal of all negative influences.
  10. Add anything else that comes to your mind.

Keep it up for seven consecutive days. It may sound like you’re not doing anything and you’re right – it’s not you, it’s God.

After the 7-D Challenge, develop a routine of daily prayer for your co-workers and watch God change the situation. When you sincerely pray for people, you begin to experience genuine care and understanding for them. You don’t only change what’s happening in their life. What’s happening in your life will change too.

Take the challenge starting tomorrow and comment on what happens. Don’t take anything for granted. If a prayer gets answered – that’s not a coincidence. That’s God saying, “I hear you.


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It's only fair to share...Share on FacebookTweet about this on TwitterShare on Google+Share on LinkedIn