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Time is still the greatest remedy for managing change.

As you allow time to work, there are some key positions that will help you  maneuver the process in a biblical, healthy, and productive manner. We all want to successfully navigate through change and land in a better place. We want to move forward and be about the business of a good and productive life that is on track and pleasing to God.

Take a look at these great tips to get past change and move on with your life. 

  1. Change is going to happen. If you are blessed to keep living, things around you will change. When change comes, consider what is happening and manage the process. You are free to choose not to take part in some changes, but trying to stop change is futile.
  2. Whatever brings about your change, seek to draw closer to God and look for His direction. Your old port of life had a season that has changed. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong. It doesn’t negate the value of the season. It just means it was a season – and now that season has changed. Now it’s time to embrace your new port for living.
  3. Seek to bring order to your emotional and mental state. Change can feel very emotional and test your beliefs, perceptions, even your state of mind. Facing a reality that something has occurred (a crisis of unbelief) can be even more difficult. Here are some questions to answer to help you navigate through those tough and unexpected changes.
  • Who are the people who can speak truthfully into your life today? Talk to them.
  • What boundaries do you need in place to make sure you don’t do anything foolish? Put them in place.
  • Should you seek professional help? If so, get help.
  • What will you do everyday to stay balanced? Think about reading, studying the Scriptures, and staying positive.
  • How will you prepare yourself for the future considering the changes that are happening? Get new skills if necessary.
  • What will you do for yourself to be balanced and create laughter and smiles? Don’t forget to have fun!
  • What are the tough decisions that need to be made? Make them, and move forward.
  • Is there a biblical reference to your situation? Find it and live by it.
  • (Add a list of your own questions, and find solutions one at a time.)

3.     Study God’s Word. The Bible really does have your answers. God is compassionate and He knows how you feel. He (the Hoy Spirit) is a comforter who provides direction, and Biblical insight. The challenge with studying the Bible is that God does not work on our terms. He has a plan for you and He is waiting for you to live on His terms. There are promises in scripture that you need to know and embrace in order to manage your days and your change. This is by far the best solution to managing change because God can be the one constant anchor in your life. He has a plan for you and  He won’t change.

 “For I, the LORD, do not change; therefore you, O sons of Jacob, are not consumed.” Malachi 3:6

Check out some of God’s promises and hold to Him closely, day by day. It’s important that you don’t walk through your change alone. Get involved with your local Bible teaching church, spend time with trusted friends who are growing in Christ, and draw closer to God for yourself.

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