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Do you have a friend who needs to get her personal power back?

It’s hard to watch a friend going through a tough time. It’s even harder when the tough time begins to challenge the friend’s self-esteem and personal power. You can help her power up by encouraging her to focus on a few truths and get busy with some strategic actions. Happy PeoplePersonal power can be maintained through any situation that life throws at you when you practice a few baseline beliefs and actions.  Everything that you do connects with something else. For example, when you exercise and control your eating habits, you become empowered in other areas as well. When you get a promotion and work with assertiveness, you usually become assertive at home also. The key to helping someone get their personal power back, is to help them elevate their belief in their gifts, talents, and abilities. Also, help them focus on the benefits of being God’s creation and begin the process of moving forward. Once the person recalls their positive attributes, help them realize that their difficult situation is just a stitch in time. It’s not their complete story.

Here’s a checklist for helping a friend get her personal power back and start moving forward.

  1.  Let it Go. If something happened that was so significant that it took away personal power, then there are some aspects of the situation that may be beyond the person’s control. It may be time to get over the “shock” associated with the event. Remind your friend of her gifts, and talents. Help her to make a physical move or change, even if it’s as small as a shopping spree for updated clothes or a new look. The goal is to physically change something and try to remind her of how good personal power feels.
  2. Start Something. Help your friend think of something that she wanted to do, but never found the time. Maybe she wanted to start a business, or take a class. She may have wanted to travel, or write a book. Help her to recall a past desire and encourage her to pick it up and go for it.
  3. End Something. This can be the most difficult of all of the steps. Sometimes, there is a habit, belief, or expectation that feeds the lack of personal power. She may be unknowingly allowing someone to take advantage of her, especially if it’s someone who she cares about. She may be stuck on a low-paying job and have skills to make much more money. Help her think of something to change and make plans to end it today.
  4. Buy Something. Yes, it may sound shallow, but sometimes a nice purchase is good. I’m not recommending frivolous spending with credit cards. Instead, seek to purchase something that the friend has allowed to get old and unkept or outdated. The goal is to start getting rid of visible signs of powerlessness.
  5. Start Studying the Bible. God’s Word is alive! It can pierce through hurt, pain, and disappointment. In the Word, there is hope, love, peace, and a whole lot of power in God that can work in your friend’s life. If you need help, register on this blog and look for my upcoming online Bible Study called Rise! Also, get familiar with There, you’ll find valuable resources like devotionals and reading plans.
  6. Get Together Often. In our world of social media, texting, and email, we can forget to get together. Find something to do with your friend. Go for a walk or to the mall. Watch a movie with popcorn at home or join a book club. Simply spending time together can be the best solution for getting power back when your friend is energized by spending time with you.
  7. Listen and Take the Power Back. Give your friend time to talk about how she feels. When she says something that indicates that she has given her power away, help her to see what’s happening and make adjustments.  If it’s regarding a relationship, help her to see the damage that the relationship is causing and consider other options.  Help her to understand that her response is a choice. She can embrace and react on certain feelings however she chooses. Encourage her to make the right decision and boldly choose to take back her personal power.

Taking back personal power is a process that requires time and patience. The end will be worth every minute of your effort. If you are reading this post. Your friend is blessed to have you. On her behalf, thank you!


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2 thoughts on “How to Help a Friend Get Her Personal Power Back

  1. I’d like to add another step. # 8, have her to meet Mom. Then she’d see what real personal power looks like and would never lose it again 🙂

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