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Have you ever heard a person say, “I have left my job for full-time ministry at my church?” The move is very honorable, but ministry is not just for church. God calls all followers of Christ into full-time ministry – everyday, and wherever you work and go. That means you can fulfill your ministry without giving up your business, profession, or quitting your job. You may have the perfect ministry opportunity right where you are!

A simple definition of ministry is to perform acts that glorify God and influence other people to do the same. It originates from a Greek word, diakonia, which means “service.” We serve God by sacrificially giving ourselves to whatever He cares about – and He cares about people, all of them! Whether you are feeding the poor, proclaiming the gospel, giving money, or just loving, praying, and offering the joy of God to people in your everyday life (including work), it all matters. Ministry and service take you beyond simply seeking to have your own needs met, but also investing your time, energy, and resources to meet the needs of others.

Take a look at these ideas for expanding your ministry into your business or profession:

  • Maintain a caring and encouraging demeanor. When people ask why you’re so happy, tell them how your relationship with Jesus Christ helps you maintain a joyful and optimistic attitude. Explain how He gives us joy and helps us manage life’s challenges.
  • Be strategic with your lunch hour. Spend time with someone who is struggling and be their encourager. Pray and share relevant scriptures to help with their challenges.
  • Do your work better than others. It is a great witness for a follower of Christ to perform well and be honored by professional peers. People may ask, “How do you do it?” That creates a great opportunity to share how your relationship with Jesus Christ influences your life and success.
  • Start a lunch Bible study or prayer group. Be intentional to help people grow spiritually.
  • Look for opportunities to invite people to your church for services or other special events. Get them connected!
  • Be ready to meet the needs of people who are searching, struggling, or lost. Be sure to tell them what God has done for you. 

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)

People are hurting and wondering who God is and what the Scriptures are saying to them personally. They desire love, solutions, provisions, protection, and a reason for living. You may be the one God wants to use to offer His solution. There are so many ministry opportunities in the world, it takes every follower of Christ, in every culture, with our different personalities and varying styles to reach people from all walks of life. That’s why it’s so important, to seek God’s guidance and take every opportunity to be light in the world.

The business and working world creates as excellent opportunity for a light bearer!


If you teach, let your light shine at school.

If you are an attorney, let it shine in the courts.

If you are a salesperson, let your bright light shine for your clients.

If you are a church greeter, say hello as if you are the first smiling face the churchgoer has seen in a month. Perhaps your smiling face is the first step to prepare the churchgoer to receive Jesus Christ.

If you sing in the choir, sing like your words are the only words people will hear to help them shed the worries of life and draw closer to God.

If you work at a restaurant, treat people (even the difficult ones) like your kindness is what they need to break away from loneliness and depression.

If you are a manager, treat your team like your family who are important to you and deserving of your respect. Who knows, to see you stand for biblical values may be what they need to draw closer to Jesus.

If you are a business owner who has been blessed with financial prosperity, be willing to serve even more because God expects more from you because He has given you so much.

At church, big shiny lights glow everywhere. The true test of faith is not how our light shines around other light, but how bright our beam shines in the darkness!

In our changing and complex culture, we all have to expand our concept of ministry. God expects us to be bold and strategic as we approach the world. He loves His creation and He intentionally designs circumstances to draw people to himself. He needs Christ followers to be ready for service, not only in a local church setting, but everywhere we go.

Pray for God to lead you to a better understanding of how you can serve Him and fulfill your ministry in your business or profession. You may be waiting for God to establish your ministry somewhere else, while sitting on a ministry goldmine right where you are!

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