Rhonda Ware Williams is an encourager who helps women find the boldness to break free from hindering habits, embrace their God-given gifts and talents and optimize the Christian life in their finances, business and work. With her entrepreneurial spirit and energetic, no-nonsense approach to life, Rhonda helps women realize their goals and take powerful action steps to move forward. 

“It’s time to get over the shock of what happens in life and begin to fight back with all that you have.” – Rhonda Ware Williams

Ministry in Business is an online resource designed to encourage women in their daily relationship with Jesus Christ with applications for work, money and businessRhonda believes it’s up to us to progressively manage life’s journey, support each other, enjoy life and honor God with everything we have. Her new book, It’s One O’clock, will be available in the Spring 2017.

“God has allowed us to partake in His masterpiece called life by experiencing His very own breath (Genesis 2:7) alive in us! That means we are active and growing – optimizing every heart beat!

Rhonda relates to everyone, guided be her personal motto. “Each new day brings another opportunity to get it right”  – Rhonda Williams

A few notes from Rhonda . . .

  • It is my absolute pleasure to encourage and motivate women to optimize the Christian life.
  • I believe personal challenges are just a stitch in time, not the whole story.
  • I believe that we all have a great work to do on this earth and we are a lot more efficient when we are connected to like-minded people.
  • Life is our short opportunity to do something that honors God.
  • I have been on an incredible journey with Jesus Christ for over 25 years. I am married with two children and my family is one of my greatest pleasures.

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