Family3Many of us have a desire to build something. We may want to build a great marriage or a profitable business. Sometimes, we seek to build our body with exercise and proper diet. You can build a relationship, ministry, website, and a community. Whatever you build, take a moment to consider your plans and make sure that you build well.

The manner in which you build your dream will determine how well it stands through time and adversity. If you build it with greed, deceit, back-stabbing, and selfishness, eventually you will see outcomes that reflect how it was built. The negative results will show up in various forms and  attract people with similar values. If you build  with a commitment to bible-based values, exceptional character, and good-will, then you will attract the benefits of those attributes. The attributes that you bring to the table will have little off-spring that will come to dine with you.

If you were laying bricks on a new home, you wouldn’t leave large holes between the bricks. Instead, you would carefully lay a good foundation. You would measure all of the parameters to make sure the beams fit correctly. You would fortify the hinges and select supplies that are appropriate for the climate. Each step of the building process would be carefully planned, so that your house could withstand the pressures of time, weather, and other conditions.

Building a personal goal, relationship, or business requires the same careful process. Sometimes, those small details seem useless. They seem like a waste of time. But, be encouraged. Mastering the small details will have great rewards. In the small details you learn the skills that separate you from the competition. Your success will go beyond being profitable. Your well-built success will carry on even in your absence. It will invest in others and create a ripple, duplicating your attributes. It will not only bring financial gain, but a deep satisfaction that only purpose fulfilled brings.

Do you want to excel over your competition? Then do what the average person won’t do. Build in a manner that blesses other people. Build with purpose that reaches beyond profit. Build with integrity. Build carefully. Build diligently. Build well!


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