5 Strategies to Create Your Own Opportunities

MP900435893Almost everyone seeks a great opportunity. People are waiting to win, waiting  for the right relationship, waiting for the promotion, and waiting for the big  break through. That wait can be difficult when weeks turn into months, even years. What if you could do something to create your own opportunity while you’re waiting?

What if you are waiting for God to change something while He is waiting for you to do something?

With a few adjustments and intentional transitions, you can begin to create your own opportunities today!

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Are Things Changing? 11 Ways to Navigate Your Way to a Better Place

Change is inevitable. Sometimes change comes because of decisions we make. Other times, it happens due to circumstances beyond our control. Either way, when (not if) change comes, you will need an intentional strategy to make it through the transition and land in a better place.woman driving

There is something about a middle place – when the old has gone, but the new hasn’t taken root yet – that can test even the bravest person. The goal is to make it through the discomfort, grow in the process, and land in a better place.

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Why it’s Important to Make New Friends When You’re Over 40 and 50

Women Window ShoppingWhen you reach 40 or 50 years of age, you’ve met many friends  and acquaintances.  For some of us, our closest friends are the ones that we met as early as elementary school. No matter what they do, the friendship remains, because your history together trumps any irritating quirks or misunderstandings that you will have. Whether you have good longtime friends or you feel comfortable alone, it’s still important to make new friends when you are over 40 or 50 years of age.

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10 Simple Habits That Have Great Rewards

Businesswoman standing on a ladder looking through binoculars


Are you making things harder than they have to be? 

Developing a new habit is not an easy task. We spend money, make resolutions, go to classes, and more, all because we want new habits and lasting change. We bought more than 15 million copies of Steven Covey’s, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, purchased diet books, and attended conference, seeking something to make a difference.

While changing a habit usually takes time and patience, there are a few simple habits that can bring great rewards a lot sooner. With a few minor changes in how you present yourself and respond to others, you can multiply your effectiveness and rewards.

Check out my Easy Breezy and Simple Habits That Have Great Rewards: 

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