Five Ways to Create Your Own Opportunities

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create your own opportunity in any situation? I know people who are success magnets. They seem to have a secret formula, attracting opportunities everywhere they go. For most of us that’s not the case. We are often waiting for a specific event to happen to change a circumstance, answer a prayer or simply make things better. But what if, instead of you waiting on an opportunity to come, the opportunity is waiting on you to make a move?

“Opportunities are often created before they are needed.”  

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Purple Coat

The Girl In The Purple Coat: The Haters See The Gift

It was a beautiful, bright purple suede-like coat that I wore proudly. I had to beg my mother to buy it, because it didn’t have a hood. She knew it wasn’t very practical, but she saw the stars in my eyes, and decided to buy the purple coat. It was a special  gift that I wore proudly.

When the school day ended I grabbed my coat and walked out of my elementary school just like any other day. I was still on the school campus, when I noticed five girls who attended the middle school nearby.  They crossed the street and blocked the sidewalk as I approached. One girl asked, “Do you have a nickel?” I responded, “No,” and tried to keep walking. Suddenly, I felt pushing, hits, and hard punches, one after another. Each girl took turns punching and yelling insults at me. In astonishment, I cried and tried to make my way back to my school. With about eight 6th graders walking with me, I finally made it home. The big question that I could not answer was, “Why me?” I had never seen any of the girls before. I didn’t say anything to them. I didn’t do anything to them. Our only communication was when the girl asked for the nickel and another said, “I hit her so hard that I hurt my fist.” That’s the type of day that no 6th grader should ever endure.
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Are You Building Well?

Family3Many of us have a desire to build something. We may want to build a great marriage or a profitable business. Sometimes, we seek to build our body with exercise and proper diet. You can build a relationship, ministry, website, and a community. Whatever you build, take a moment to consider your plans and make sure that you build well.

The manner in which you build your dream will determine how well it stands through time and adversity. If you build it with greed, deceit, back-stabbing, and selfishness, eventually you will see outcomes that reflect how it was built. The negative results will show up in various forms and  attract people with similar values. If you build  with a commitment to bible-based values, exceptional character, and good-will, then you will attract the benefits of those attributes. The attributes that you bring to the table will have little off-spring that will come to dine with you.
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What Can Creativity Do For You?

CreativityIn recent years, creativity has taken on a new platform in the boardrooms and competitive arenas. With marketing becoming increasingly intelligent, the manner in which you incorporate creativity into your business has become extremely important. The business world understands the power of  creativity. Can a real estate agent become creative in how he approaches prospective homeowners? Absolutely. Can a local clothing store use creativity to compete with big box stores? Certainly. Can you, with great ideas, become a successful entrepreneur? Yes you can!

Your creative possibilities are unlimited. Let’s use an example of a postal worker who has worked at the post office for six years and is ready for a change. He delivers mail and has developed health issues, making his job difficult. However, he hasn’t told anyone about his health issues fearing that he may be forced to resign or leave with only disability pay. He decides to continue working to have the time to create his own opportunity in his own time.

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