Need to Make a Tough Decision? This Decision Making Strategy Changed My Life!

its-one-oclock-no-websiteEveryone has to make a tough decision at some point. There is no easy way to hurt someone’s feelings, let something go, or make life-changing choices that seriously affect people around you – still these tough decisions have to be made.

Even though the decision may be tough, there is a strategy that will help you manage how you approach your decision-making process minimizing the time that it takes to adjust. It’s going to take courage. It will require some stick-to-it-ness. But, it will help you be on your way to a better life and freedom from what ever is holding you back.

You can delay when a situation is effecting every area of your life. This kind of challenge requires a response that is just as profound. That response is the foundation of the It’s One O’clock strategy. 

My book, It’s One O’clock: A Powerful Strategy for Making Smart Decisions in Tough Situations, is a tool box that will help you make tough decisions and minimize your recovery time. Sometimes you are waiting for something to happen, when the key is for You to do something that is already within your grasp.

It’s One O’clock mean it’s decision-making time. It means taking advantage of you option to choose. It’s a new season, a new resolve, and a new attitude.

When It’s One O’clock in your life nothing will be the same.

On most jobs, you go to lunch at noon. Then, at 1:00pm, no matter how much fun you’re having, or how you feel about your job, youRhonda_williams.jpg still go back to work because it’s 1:00 and lunch is over.

A One O’clock decision is a response to a triggering event that catapults you in a new direction. It resonates to the core of your beliefs creating a new resolve to do something different, smart and powerful. It makes you do things that other people won’t do. It uncovers abilities hidden deep inside of you and changes you forever.

In my new book, It’s One O’clock – The Powerful Strategy for Making Smart Decisions in Tough Situations, you will read details about experiences that required It’s One O’clock decisions. You will learn how to take Power Steps to help you move forward as you Reset, Reload, and Revive. Most of all, you will learn to experience emotions without allowing your emotions to rule you decisions.

Are you ready to take some smart Power Steps to move forward and respond to the challenging situations that are happening in your life?  If so, It’s One O’clock for you as well!

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