BLAST! Shattering Invisible Walls That Hinder the Best You

BlastAnyone who has braved the difficult road of seeking to fulfill the call of optimized living knows it’s not easy. Yes, it’s simple to join the discussion about doing something great. It can also be fairly easy to take one step in the right direction. But, enduring the discipline and sacrifice required to advance, and maintaining the stamina needed to withstand the competition and relentless resistance – that’s a BLAST!

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Working Hard But Still Broke?

Jar of MoneyThere is something wrong if you have worked hard for most of your adult life and you are still broke (very little saved). Being young or experiencing some sort of set-back can easily create financial challenges. That’s understandable.  I mean the person who  has worked hard for years, made purchases, lived well, but still couldn’t make it for 3 months if the income stopped. If that’s you, then now is a great time to transition and prepare to make some changes.

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5 Reasons and 7 Ways to Handle Conflict Quickly

Do you avoid conflict? If so, you are not alone.

As a conflict avoider, the last thing you want is to have an issue with someone who messes up your idea of a great day. You want to avoid conflict at all cost. You want life to be smooth and drama free!

Business Discussion

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